Increasing Supply
of Affordable Housing
within Tamil Nadu

through Shelter Fund

Shelter Fund

Tamil Nadu Shelter Fund (TNSF) is an Indian Social ‘Impact’ Private Equity (PE) fund specializing in Affordable Housing projects. Guided by World Bank and ADB policies, the fund invests in Private and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects within Tamil Nadu.

Investment Focus

TNSF invests in affordable housing  projects, encompassing ownership and rental models, with the goal of benefiting economically weaker sections, lower income groups and vulnerable segments of the population through:

Key Differentiators

Smart Investment

TNSF invests strategically in projects by sharing risks with developers through equity, Debt or Hybrid instruments.

Transparency assured

The investment process is clear and transparent, fostering trust.

Green and Social Focus

TNSF's expertise ensures projects are environmentally and socially responsible.

Win-Win Funding

TNSF offers competitive funding and supports projects that provide benefits to both investors and society.

Evaluation Criteria

TNSF evaluates projects based on the following factors:

Our Portfolio

Tamil Nadu Working Women’s Hostel




Our Investors

Investment Committee

Mr. S. Mahalingam

Former CFO, TCS

Dr. P. Jayapal

Senior Executive Director, HUDCO (Former)

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