Investing toward

a Sustainable and Resilient Future

At TNIFMC, we take a principled approach to investing that goes beyond evaluating traditional financial metrics. Central to our investment mandate is the principle of responsible investing and applying ESG principles –

Social, and Governance
– which guide our investment decisions, shape our strategies, and ensure that our portfolio aligns with both financial and ethical goals.


We recognize that the success of any investment must be measured not only in financial terms but also in its impact on the world around us. Our thorough evaluation of environmental factors includes:

Impact on local biodiversity

GHG Emissions

Waste Emissions and Management

Water use

Compliance with environmental regulations.

Hence, we assess the environmental consciousness of a proposed investment and ensure that the investment does not cause any detrimental or adverse impacts on the local environment and contribute to a low-carbon future.

Social Impact

The positive social impact that an investment generates is an indicator of the value of an investment. We understand that investments have broader implications for society, which is why we evaluate our investments on their positive contribution to local communities and creation and maintenance of safe workplaces while embracing inclusiveness, equality, and diversity.


Our focus on ensuring high governance standards ensures ethical and transparent operations, insisting that the investments comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

We focus on ensuring a functional and effective mechanism for addressing stakeholder grievances, as is maintaining accuracy and transparency in public records, which demonstrates the commitment of our investments to ethical practices.

We understand that ESG considerations can vary across industries and regions, and we remain dedicated to continuous monitoring, reporting, and adaptation to ensure that our investment strategies remain in line with our responsible investing principles.

Leveraging ESG Principles for Competitive Advantage

At TNIFMC, our ESG framework isn’t just a strategy; it’s an ethos. It informs every step of our investment evaluation process, ensuring our values and our investments are tightly intertwined. For deeper insights into our ESG policy, explore the details here:

Mitigating Risk, Unveiling Opportunities

By weaving ESG considerations into our investments, we seamlessly reduce risk exposure, ensuring a resilient portfolio.

Growth Beyond Boundaries

By teaming up with companies that share these principles, we explore new markets and connect with customers who value what we do.

Strong in Change

Incorporating ESG considerations bolsters our ability to adapt to shifts head-on, ensuring we navigate changes smoothly.

Trust Through Transparency

Our commitment to ESG principles fosters transparency, forging unbreakable trust with all who depend on us.

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