Environmental, Social and Governance

As a responsible investment manager, we are guided by the principle that development should not come at the cost of a damaged environment, poor working conditions of employees, negative impact on communities or weak corporate ethics. The ESG Principles/Responsible Investing are core to TNIFMC’s investment mandate. We apply the ESG framework to screen the investment opportunities and guide the portfolio companies to align with goals and monitor the ESG compliance targets.

Key ESG Considerations

Environment consciousness of a proposed investment is evaluated to ensure that the development is not causing any adverse risks or detrimental effects on the environment and local biodiversity. Some of the key environment indicators include impact on local biodiversity, GHG emissions, waste emissions and management, water use and compliance with environmental regulations.

Social impact of an investment is an indicator of the larger effect that the investment will generate. Some of the key indicators of evaluation include impact on local communities particularly vulnerable communities, workplace safety and diversity, occupational safety, and health issues.

Governance standards of a company reflect the position of an organization/promoter and the transparency and accuracy of a company’s public records. Some of the key indicators of evaluation include a functional and effective grievance redressal policy and mechanism and regulatory compliance.

We align with companies that share our belief on the value of ESG principles adoption. Competitive Advantage through ESG adoption

Reduced Risk

ESG considerations mitigate risk to investment

Increased Opportunities & Growth

Supports identification of new markets & customers

Organizational Resiliency

Increases adaptation capacity to regulatory and technological changes

Reputation & Stakeholder Trust

Increased stakeholder trust and management

TNIFMC has a robust ESG framework which is applied for our investment evaluation process. Further details about our ESG policy is available in the following link. Click here